Should you believe that the B-BBEE scorecard issued by Izwelisha BEE Verification Agency does not accurately reflect your B-BBEE status, you are entitled to register an appeal within 14 days from the issue date on your Verification Certificate. 

Izwelisha BEE Verification Agency undertakes to conduct an investigation to evaluate whether, on the basis of the information available, the allocated score is a valid reflection of your B-BBEE status.   You will be informed of the Appeals Committee Decision within 14 days of receipt of your Appeal.

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Izwelisha BEE Verification  agency  undertakes to investigate all complaints about Izwelisha BEE  Verification  Agency conducted verifications and make every effort to resolve the matter.  The investigation is conducted in accordance with the confidentiality commitment made to the Agency’s Client and the identity of the complainant is also kept confidential.  

Izwelisha BEE Verification  agency  will endeavor to conclude the investigation and provide you with the outcome, in writing, within 30 working days from receipt of your complaint plus supporting documentation. 

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