The South African National Accreditation System (SANAS)

Izwelisha BEE Verification is a SANAS ACCREDITED BEE VERIFICATION AGENCY. And has held their Accreditation since 2019

Accredited Sectors

•Finance Sector 
• Tourism Sector
•Defence Sector   
• Forest Sector
• Transport Sector   
• Construction Sector
• Informantion and CommunicationTechnology Sector
    • Property Sector     
    • Marketing and Communication Sector
    • DTI Codes of Good Practice

Izwelisha BEE Verification Agency is a member of the Association of BEE Professional (ABP)

Izwelisha BEE Verification Agency is a member of  the  Johannesburg Chamber  of  Commerce and  Industry

Izwelisha BEE Verification Agency  is a level 1 BEE Coontributor