IZWELISH BEE Verifications is the creative and leading brand for Verification phase from  SANAS B-BBEE accredited certificates. Izwelisha BEE Verification offers fully comprehensive BEE scorecard qualified analysts and our “Value add” philosophy we ensure prompt turn around of certification. Izwelisha BEE Verification Agency Pty Ltd aims to be preferred supplier of BEE scorecard verification services to South African businesses, making the process of verification to benefit our clients and aid in the necessary transformation of the South African economy.
We are also a member of the Association for BEE Profession.

Verification Process


The request for the verification is sent to the client The verification process and requirements are discussed with the client. The timelines are discussed

Client File Assessed

Izwelisha BEE Verification Agency reviews the file and provides a list of any non- conformances and Identified additional documentation required The prelim scorecard will be sent to the client before a site visit

On Site Verification

On- site verification is done.
The recommendation Report is presented to the Izwelisha BEE Verification Agency verification manager to review and approve.

Report Approval

Based on the information provided, a Scorecard and certificate is completed with a Scorecard Recommendation report.

Final certificate

The final certificate and Scorecard are completed and presented to the client.

Our Clients